1 Conjunctions
2 Co-ordinating conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions
3 Co-ordinating conjunctions
4 The 7 co-ordinating conjunctions
5 'For' as co-ordinated conjunction
6 The co-ordinated conjunction 'nor'
7 Using commas in place of conjunctions
8 The special co-ordinating conjunctions 'and', 'or' and 'but'
9 Subordinate conjunctions go at the start of subordinate clauses
10 Most subordinating conjunctions go at the start of adverbial clauses
11 Subordinating conjunctions at the start of sentences
12. Conjunctions with more than one word
13 Conjunctions that are not always conjunctions
14 Words that are prepositions and conjunctions
15 Subordinating conjunctions for explaining time
15.1 Subordinating conjunctions for cause and effect
16 Subordinating conjunctions for conditions
17 Subordinating conjunctions that compare and contrast
18 Conjunction 'that' often omitted
19 'That' as conjunction
20 'That clauses' are nominals
21 Other conjunctions with 'that'
22 Adjective + 'that clause'
23 Noun + 'that clause'
24 Different meanings of conjunction 'as'
25 Subordinating conjunctions with 'as'
26 Correlative conjunctions
27 Two conjunctions together
28 Linking adverbs (or conjunctive adverbs) and conjunctions
29 Relative pronouns and conjunctions


Conjunctions are not the only linking words. Relative pronouns link relative clauses to other parts of a sentence.