Nouns 'Things' include, animals, places, objects, organisations, ideas, feelings...
proper nouns ..     Proper nouns normally have a capital letter at the start of each word. ..     (Sometimes words like 'the' and 'of' do not have a capital letter.)
common nouns ..     Common nouns are usually simply called  nouns. ..
proper nouns need capitals ..   ..   Proper nouns with more than one word have capital letters on each (important) word. ..
abstract nouns .. ..
abstract nouns list
nouns in noun groups
countable/uncountable nouns
countable nouns list ..     Countable nouns have singular and plural forms
uncountable nouns list
Countable/uncountable nouns A
Countable/uncountable nouns B
nouns that can be countable or uncountable  ..    Meats and cheeses mean different types of meat or cheese, ..    but  'ice creams' and 'cakes' mean simply more than one item.
nouns that are always plural We don't say * Where is the scissors?
examples of nouns which are always plural
compound nouns - nouns with two or more words
examples of compound nouns
compound nouns - with hyphens
closed compound nouns
Examples of closed compound nouns
nouns ending 'ing'
nouns the end in 'ing'
gerunds Gerunds can have objects and/or adverbials.
examples of gerunds Gerunds are nominals even though they are more verbs than nouns.  Gerund clauses are noun groups.
noun modifiers ..     Noun modifiers in front of a noun usually tell us more  precisely the type of thing or person the noun is.
noun modifiers - examples